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UK Barber Battle Terms and Conditions

This competition is open to Fully registered BMB members only


All photographic entry’s can be used in whole or part for advertising and promotional use by the UK Barber Battle and the British Master Barbers Alliance. Judges will be picked by the British Master Barbers Alliance.

The Judges decision is final

Entry costs £0 for BMB Members

No refunds will be given or returned once application is made.

Finalist will be required to provide their own travel and accommodation for this event.

Images sent to us are that are not created by the applicant will result in instant disqualification.




All contestants must be able to attend the Live Final, They must be able bring a live model and their own barbering tools & equipment in order to participate in this competition final. 

There is no facility for washing hair so models must be ready before competition starts. You can use water sprayers. Please provide your own water sprayer and equipment.

All models’ hair must be cut at the competition final. The competitor is not allowed to cut, trim, shape or pre-set model’s hair before the competition begins. Pre show coloured hair is accepted. Colour pencils are also allowed unless otherwise noted. The Barber must show a transformation of the model’s hair. The judges will inspect model’s hair during check-in and during the competition. Violation of this rule will result in the deduction of points and/or disqualification from competition.

The competition fee includes an entry pass for the live final competitor and model to the event the barber battle is held at.

Live final contestants will have a specific time to complete their particular cut and style. Judging will be conducted on a visual basis only. Judges will use a point system on a scale of one (lowest possible score) to ten (highest possible score). If there is a tie in a category or prize placement, the judges will determine the final winner.

Finalists must provide their own travel arrangements, accommodation and equipment to and at these events. If an applicant fails to turn up to the live final prizes and placements will be forfeited.


Degree of starting cut difficulty 

Professionalism, Health and safety & Tool Usage throughout

Design Integration

Haircut Accuracy inc edging

Overall Final look

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