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Dark Stag

Scissor fadingTechniques

Learn how to give a scissor fade in this quick and easy tutorial! A scissor fade is the classic alternative to a conventional clipper fade that gives a softer, less aggressive look – it's a more natural, delicate blending technique that's perfect for professionals looking to avoid the harsher, mechanical cut of clippers. A more advanced technique, perfect for barbers looking to offer a unique fade .

FAB Hair Tonics

The Barbershop Head Massage

Take a look into the basics of a quality head massage.

Here is an opportunity to learn a new skill that can keep your customers relaxed, refreshed and make you more revenue.

Razor Rob

Creating a Skin Fade Part 1

Grand Master Barber Robert Grosvenor explains the fundamentals in creating a skin fade that aims towards a side pompadore with a hard parting.


Instagrem: @Robergrosvenor3



Razor Rob

Creating a Skin Fade Part 2

See how you can remove the training line to create a nicer fade.

Razor Rob

Creating a Skin Fade Part 3

Finesse that left over line to create a smoother fade.

To follow more of  the Razor Rob tutorials you can find him at

Ross Mathieson


Ross gives us a demonstration on creating movement and texture


Instagrem: @Ross_blue_steel_barber

Shop: Truman's of Norwich

Sandra Odoh

The Rainbow Beard

Sandra runs through the process she uses to create a wild rainbow beard.

Spencer Scissors

Scissor Maintenance

Keeping your scissors clean, oiled and tensioned correctly preserves the life and cutting ability of these important money making tools.

Klinta Jones

Curling Short Hair

This demonstration shows how to get some added curls on shorter hair.

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