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With help from Sweeney TV and a few hand picked accredited barbers we bring you the first Grand Master Podcast talking everything Barber shows & events.


The Grand Master Podcast

The grand master team are taking a look into everything barbers events:
  • Is it nerve wrecking?
  • What preparation is required
  • Planing your demonstrations
and much more in this MBLIVE online show special.

Featuring Grand Master Barbers

Razor Rob, Sean Sweeney & Lina B

Check out more of the Sweeney TV interviews

Con Hair

Image by Alexander Shatov

The Con Hair Barber


Anthony & Tony
BMB Founders

Image by Alexander Shatov

British Master Barbers


The 4 Nations Interview

Image by Alexander Shatov

Sweeney TV


Tony Roberts
BMB Member

Image by Alexander Shatov

Tonys Barbers

@ N/A

Grant Hacket
BMB Member

Image by Alexander Shatov

Grant Hackett


Sid Sottung
BMB Ambassador

Image by Alexander Shatov

Sid Sottung


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